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Royale Warranty Option 3

$49.99 USD

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Option 3 - “Express w/picture No Receipt, 5 to 10 business days to process.”- If you do not have a receipt and original packaging and do not want to send the product to us, you may choose this option. Please take a picture of your product with the power cord cut at the base where the cord meets your product. Please upload the non-working product image and enter "What product did you purchase?" before Add to Cart. Instructions:
  1. enter "What product did you purchase?"
  2. upload the non-working product image with cord cut (click the button "Select Images")
  3. click the button "Add to Cart" to buy Warranty Option 3
This option is $49.99 and includes the new product, shipping, and new receipt. This must be paid at time of your order. (You must include a picture of your product, plates only)  All shipments outside of continental United States will have taxes & duties added to shipping. Please call 813-443-0508 for more information.