Cosmetologist Support

We at Royale USA want to support the cosmetology industry and all the professionally licensed cosmetologists. Our passion is your passion and when ideas get executed, it becomes a true accomplishment. People who are passionate about what they do are those who help drive the world forward and help to reach the next level. When people get results they want to share them with those who are close to them. We want to help by supporting you with this exclusive offer of $75.00 OFF your next purchase of Royale USA products.

Royale USA was established in 2004, with a mission to bring professional Salon quality hair care products to the U.S. health and beauty market. With a focus on product quality and technology, Royale USA rapidly gained its reputation in the salon, fashion and hair industries.

Royale USA believes that all women deserve the best when it comes to hair styling technology products. Whether your hair is thick, thin, crazy curly or super straight, we have the all the tools to help you achieve your perfect look in less time than you believe possible! Great hair requires great care, attention, and haircare tools and we aim to deliver only the best for our Royale USA hair lovers.

Proudly announced after many years of hard work we are achieving our expectations, what got us though all the obstacles were our great teamwork, dedication, enthusiasm, and faith. We ensure all our customers worldwide that we will never stop developing and improving our products. We do this for you.

Sale Items are excluded and subject to change at anytime. This card has no cash value, unless in states that require it by law. (IN, UT, WA cash value is 1/100 of one penny.)