Unauthorized Sellers

We understand the everybody wants the best products for the best prices, but please be careful when buying online. We can not guarantee ANY other website or marketplace is genuine and safe to shop on.

We unfortunately have received complaints of unauthorized sellers pretending to be us and scamming innocent people. We are taking actions to reduce the amount of unauthorized sellers, but nothing happens overnight and there is nothing we can do for you if you purchase from an unauthorized seller.

If you are ordering from ANY other place online besides this website please be aware that warranties and support are not available and you must go back to the original place of purchase. There is no guarantee from these sellers like they may state.

Please make sure you are on "WWW. R O Y A L E U S A .COM", spelled exactly like this and you will be taken care of 100% with your needs by Royale USA.

We are working diligently on fixing this issue and making sure everybody can safely and worry-free purchase Royale USA products. We do not approve of these unauthorized sellers and will do everything in our power to make sure our customers are safe.

- Royale USA