Royale USA Product Warranty


All products come with a lifetime warranty from the date of the purchase. We will accept warranty claims directly purchased from our website or from all authorized sellers. Lifetime warranties are valid as long as you have the physical product. Shipping & Handling is NOT included.


Please save your receipt, as proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. If you do not have a receipt or life time warranty card, there is an additional fee.


 The defective items must be processed using one of Royale’s warranty policy options. It is up to the customer to fully read and understand the warranty claim process. Royale USA is not responsible for customer mistakes during the warranty process and it is up to the customer to contact Royale USA customer service regarding any mistakes to be fixed.


*** Royale USA will try it's best to match colors & designs on warranty claims, but exact matching colors are not guaranteed due to elapsed time since purchase. Please check our website for all colors and designs currently in stock. We will always match the product model or send a better product in its place ***


All Warranty Claims Come With A Free

Platinum 50X Intensive Treatment Garlic Hair Dropper - A $89.99 Value